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You are stronger than you think

You are stronger than you think

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Teaching English in Taiwan

Teaching English in Taiwan

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Sharpen your skills

Sharpen your skills

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Experience a new life

Experience a new life

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An Insightful Journey through School Life

Embarking on the journey of teaching in Taiwan has been a profound experience, filled with challenges and invaluable lessons that have shaped my professional growth and personal resilience.


Class of Mother's Day

“Do you know this Sunday is Mother’s Day~?” Teacher Thando asked.


A Coordinators’ Story

Hi! I'm Dielyn P. Hijosa...


It’s not an easy thing

I’ve been working on this role for about two months now. There are times that I feel people are so vulnerable and brave at the same time.


Letter of Gratitude

My name is Aníke van der Merwe and I am a FET in Taiwan.  This is a testimonial about my coordinator Mr. Kevin Lee.


A coordinator with a heart

Hi! I'm Dielyn P. Hijosa, a FET from the Philippines ~


Out of the Comfort Zone

“Good day, Miss Lulu! I’m Tricia.” This is where the story begins, the very first message between me and Teacher Tricia.


Settling in Taiwan

My name is Sam, and I am a coordinator responsible for foreign teachers in Hsinchu City. My mission is to help foreign teachers to settle down in Taiwan.


Quarantine process of teacher Kimberly's arrival in Taiwan

No more than 48 hours before flying to Taiwan, you will need to fill out an online form, "Quarantine System for Entry”.


Advantages of Teaching in A Public School vs. A Cram School

Even before the recent global pandemic, flocks of foreigners have been making their way here to the hidden gem of Taiwan.


The 18 Best Places in Taiwan to Visit

 Taiwan is an incredible place full of adventures, culture, old and new cities, and plenty of places to eat and enjoy.


Acclimating to Taiwan

Since I have only been in Taiwan for one year, I can say that I am by no means a local. However, I have gone to great lengths to try to become a member of its many communities.


My experience with Teach Taiwan and Taiwan

I am very happy to be in this country and plan to stay here teaching English for several more years. Teach Taiwan is a fantastic organization to work with from beginning to well into my first year.


The advantages of teaching English in public schools compared with teaching English at language institutes/ centers/ cram schools in Taiwan

 I’m an Australian teacher who’s been teaching in 2 Elementary Schools in Taiping Taichung for 3 years.


My Top 5 Favorite Leisure Activities in Taiwan

One of the best perks of working with Teach Taiwan is that you will be asked to work a very reasonable work schedule, and after the school day is over, it is unlikely you will have any after hours or weekend responsibilities.


Coming to Taiwan during COVID through TeachTaiwan

Teaching English in Asia was always a goal of mine since I graduated college. After careful consideration, I decided to teach in Taiwan.


How a semester in Taiwan turned into 7 years and counting!

Travelling to a new country, if not moving to live in a foreign country for a period of time is always exciting but can also be nerve racking, especially if you don’t know anyone from that country.


One Year in and 12 Takeaways

 Time flies. It figuratively hit me in the face during an uncommon rainy week. There was a sudden and heavy rain in Taichung and my ceiling started to leak slightly, but not to worry!


Culinary Notes from the Beautiful Island

So, you’re thinking about coming to Taiwan, huh? Well, in that case, you’d better be ready to EAT.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” - Paulo Coelho

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one day I would teach English in Taiwan.



Had you asked me many moons ago on my study tour to Taiwan (this was about 14+ years ago)- if Taiwan would ever be a place that I would call “home”? I would have answered you, “Never in a thousand years”. But guess what? 14 years later and I have made it my “home” for the past 4 years and counting.


Why I Love to Teach Abroad

Every culture inherently has preconceived notions and impressions of another, regardless of whether they are based on fact, or stereotypical in nature.  It is not until one has the unique opportunity to get immersed in another culture that he/she gains insights into what the genuine differences are, and comes to the realizations of the paradoxical similarities.


The Pursuit of Great Perhaps

Slowly but surely. One step at a time. You’ll get there, trust the process. - I still remember the exact words I used to tell myself every time I get overly confused but excited. The year 2019 is full of surprises it’s coming to end soon but the best is yet to come, it’s amazing how I can still recall the days I prayed for the things I have now.


Ten Reasons Why Taiwan is Asia’s Best Kept Secret

Why Taiwan? This is a question many people ask when I tell them where I live. Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, USA, I never imagined I would live on the far side of the globe, much less on an island that I knew nothing about.


Reasons why an American Teacher Chose to Teach in Taiwan

Usually people leave for better pay, opportunities, or for a better life. In my case, it was for a better life. As an American teacher from the U.S., to move and teach in a country that paid less than what I made, a place I had no family or friends, a country that speaks a different language, and follows a culture I am unfamiliar with would seem like an insane decision to many.


Just a Filipino Teacher

As a non-native English speaker and ‘just a Filipino teacher,’ it is virtually impossible for me to be accepted as an English teacher in countries that put premium on natives of those countries mentioned above as the only ones qualified to teach English abroad. That single word “ONLY” momentarily crushed my hopes of teaching abroad. I closed the lid of my box of dreams and clicked locked.


A Place to Be Away From Home

"Love at First Sight” and “Lost in Translation” is how I usually describe the experience living in Taiwan as a foreign teacher. The love of traveling and teaching is what inspires me to take the opportunity to teach abroad. Upon arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport and seeing a glimpse of the island, Taiwan offers many interesting features that are very hard to ignore. These are a combination of modern and ancient culture, friendliness and hospitality of the local residences, and the diverse original Taiwanese food available everywhere. My first impression was that I feel like I found a home away from home. 



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