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Working, Learning and Living Fun.

Thinking work and travel at the same time. Seize the Great Opportunity!
We provide you where you can find a job to support your trips and where deserves you to explore the world!

Teach Taiwan provides you a great place to save money, while also offering a great opportunity to travel
around Asia. Experience rich and dynamic Chinese culture and learn Mandarin.
Just send your resume and you got the chance to fulfill your dream~

Dear Teacher

Teach Taiwan offers free job matching services for candidates seeking English teaching positions in Taiwan.

Teach Taiwan has a large network and connections with schools in Taiwan. Our clients are public schools, registered private schools and language centers & institutes. It is our mission, duty and responsibility to find the right candidates for our schools.

If you are looking for an English teaching position, or considering transferring to a better environment, please contact us. We will do our best to find the right school for you.

Teach Taiwan’s large school network and commitment provides you with the best opportunity to find the perfect school and teaching position. Sincerely Yours,

Dear Teacher
Dear Teacher
TEL : +886-2-22930075 Email : teachtaiwanapp@gmail.com
FAX : +886-2-82925660 Skype : teachtaiwan