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Posted Date 01/07/20
School Kids R Us English
Location Hsinchu
Full/Part Time Full Time
Student Level Elementary
Available September 2020
Job Details

English Teacher Needed for September 2020 (On-Job-Training beginning in June) 

at Kids R Us English in Chubei 竹北, Hsinchu County

【Great Teachers Are the Heart of Great Schools】

Kids R Us English is an independent language school built on convictions. We believe in learning and therefore, have created a school where teaching & learning is at the heart of the curriculum instead of teaching & testing. We also believe that we learn best to speak a language by actually speaking it, and that in the language classroom as in any other classroom, the teacher makes the difference.

The teacher makes the difference in creating the conditions for learning and the opportunities for each student to want to have a go, to speak the language and play with it. He makes the difference in inspiring, empowering, motivating and challenging each and all students to reach for what they’d thought was impossible. And he makes the difference in communicating closely and coordinating efforts with parents.

We not only want our kids to be able to think, speak, read and write in English, we also want them to show that they can engage the world around them without fear, anxiety or complex. If anything that you read rings true, and if you’re open to learning “new tricks” and to becoming a better teacher every day in order to make that difference, then come join our team!

Requirements for the Position:

• This position is for September 2020. On-Job-Training will start in June

• Have the habit and be highly effective in planning lessons

• Have excellent classroom management skills (there’s no TA)

• Be open-minded to receiving and providing constructive feedback

• Have a genuine passion for teaching English to YLs

• Have no criminal record (prepare your record for the interview)

• Have at least 4 years of English teaching experience (EFL or TESOL certifications will be a plus)

• Possess an elementary-level command of Chinese (again, there’s no TA). This will be assessed during interview

Please send your cv

Compensation Details

Offer and Benefits:

• Salary: Starting at NTD 700/hr

• Number of hours: 16 – 20 hrs. /week. More hours will be available based on performance

• Class-sizes: Max. 10 students/class

• Age group: 6 to 12 years old

• Bonus: CNY

• Health care and labor insurances provided.

• ARC provided for the candidates from Canada, America, the UK, Australia and South Africa.

• 10 days break in August

• Congenial working environment with forward-thinking colleagues