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Age 32 Gender Male
Nationality Brazil Start Date now
Current Location Singapore - Singapore Teaching Preference Junior High , Senior High , College/Adults
Work Time Full Time
Certifications Bachelors or above

Licentiate’s degree in Biology (Special degree for teaching biology and Science in schools)
University of Brasília, Brazil 2004 - 2009
Bachelor’s degree in Biology
University of Brasília, Brazil (4th best university in Brazil and 11th in Latin America) 2004 - 2007
Master of Science (Oncology)
Hospital AC Camargo, Brazil (The largest scientific research center on cancer of Latin America, Sister Institution of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center) 2008 - 2010

Teaching Field Math , Physics , Biology , Chemistry

Science/Mathematics Teacher 2014-2017
Uniworld International School (Johor Bahru - Malaysia)
Managed school coverage of Science for Primary, Lower Secondary, Coordinated Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) for IGCSE and Mathematics for Lower Secondary and IGCSE.
Prepared all lessons and internal assessments according to the school curriculum: Singapore curriculum (Years 5 – 8 ), IGCSE ( Years 9-10)
Prepared weekly lesson-plan according to the curricular objectives
Presented well-prepared lessons with different methodologies
Kept track of students’ progress, attendance and discipline records.
One of my student was awarded by Cambridge with the highest mark in Malaysia for Coordinated Science

Freelance tutor 2007-2013
Brazil and Singapore
Tutored in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
Worked especially with children presenting attention deficit disorder
Delivered private lessons for students from Secondary and Primary school levels.

Lecturer of Molecular Biology, Pathology and Genetics 2012
Unidesc (Luziânia - Brazil) (the best University of the region)
Lectured to an audience of 150 students
Presented well-prepared lessons with different methodologies
Assessed the grades of the students

Research assistant
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (Singapore) 2011
Researched in cell biology on an A*STAR fellowship in Professor Uttam Surana’s laboratory:
Participated in the project “Study of the regulatory interface between DNA damage and the mitotic machinery in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”;
Worked frequently with genetic manipulation in S. cerevisiae (establishing new strands, cloning, primers design, digestions, ligations, cloning) and performed immunofluorescence, FACS, western blotting and DNA gel analysis efficiently.

Master’s student and Trainee
University of São Paulo (Brazil) (the major institution of research in Brazil) 2007- 2010
Research in cancer cell biology with FAPESP fellowship in the projects “Study of the NFAT-mediated regulation of Sarcoma 180” and “Study the interface between aberrant N-glycan and endoplasmic reticulum stress in a melanoma murine model, implicating chemosensitization”
Practical skills: analysis of immunohistochemistry; mammalian cell culture; western blot; PCR; MTT; lectin blot; FACS; light microscopy; protein, DNA and RNA manipulation (extraction, purification, quantification and gel analysis) and spectrophotometry
Prepared media and solutions for the laboratory
Presented results at three conferences
Supervised and mentored one visiting master student

University of Brasília (Brazil)/ University of São Paulo (Brazil) 2008-2009
Conducted lessons in the short course: O que aprendemos com o câncer? (What did we learn from cancer?) in different cities in Brazil
 Taught more than 1000 students in total.

Trainee Science teacher
Escola classe da 511 sul (Brasília/Brazil) (Elementary school) 2008
Taught a total of 180 students
Provided supplementary lessons for the students
Conducted lessons for Upper Primary

Trainee Biology teacher
Centro Educacional Lago Norte- CEDLAN (Brasília/Brazil) Education for High school) 2009
Worked with 100 students
Conducted lessons for Upper Secondary
Developed a course with the students about the basic concepts of cancer bringing biology concepts that were worked before in class like DNA, mitosis and evolution.

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