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Age 28 Gender Female
Nationality India Start Date November 2018
Current Location India - Panaji Teaching Preference All Ages
Work Time Full Time
Certifications TESOL Related Cerificate

- CELTA (2018)
- MA English (TESL) - 2013-2015
- BA Psychology, English, Communications - 2008-2011
- Completed all studies in English medium schools and colleges

Teaching Field Writing , Biology , Lanugage Arts , Literature , Geography , Music , Arts , ESL , Grammar

I have two years of experience as a language teacher to school children from different economic, sociocultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Some of my students were quite fluent in English while some had no previous exposure to the language, and this helped me develop my skills in teaching multi-level classes.

Most of my students were between 7-10 years of age, but in my second year of teaching, I began taking English classes for high school students too. With my CELTA training, I also have experience teaching adults.

As I also taught Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science at the elementary school level, I would often use theme-based learning, incorporating information from the Science lessons into the language lessons and vice-versa. Many classes also involved collaborations with other subject teachers, especially for experiments and art/craft projects. Additionally, I taught music as an activity and often assisted the art teachers during my free periods.

Although I have no international teaching experience, I have over two years of experience creating teaching material for the K-12 level in the USA and Antigua and Barbuda, so I understand the important of being culturally appropriate. I am a passionate teacher who ensures that students have fun while learning, and am both capable and willing to provide extra assistance to learners who need it.

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