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Age 36 Gender Male
Nationality United-Kingdom(Great-Britain) Start Date Nov 6. 2018
Current Location United-Kingdom(Great-Britain) - Edinburgh Teaching Preference Junior High , Senior High , College/Adults
Work Time Full Time
Certifications TESOL Related Cerificate , Bachelors or above

02/10/2000 – 24/06/2004 Electrical and Information Engineering, Master of Engineering (MEng) / Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree with Honours (Hons.), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

First two years: Engineering (Mechanics, Structures, Mathematical Methods, Materials, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Software)

Third year modules: 3B1 Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits, 3B2 Integrated Digital Electronics, 3B3 Power Electronics, 3B5 Semiconductor Engineering, 3B6 Photonic Technology, 3E2 Marketing, 3F1 Signals and Systems, 3F4 Data Transmission, 3F5 Computer and Network Systems, 3F6 Software Engineering and Design.

Fourth year modules: 4B8 Electronic System Design, 4B10 Optoelectronic Technologies, 4B14 Solar Electronic Power, 4B15 Advanced Telecommunication Networks, 4E4 Management of Technology, 4E7 Enterprise and Business Development, 4F5 Digital Communications, 4F12 Computer Vision and Robotics.

Third year projects: 1. Programming an ARM microprocessor using Verilog and ARM Assembly Language, and 2. Programming a piece of circuit simulator software using C++ on the university engineering department distributed UNIX / LINUX system.

Fourth year project: Programming a music conversion application called Vinyl Digitizer using Python.

23/07/2015 – 19/09/2015 120-hour SeriousTEFL Diploma Course, SeriousTeachers, (

TEFL Modules covered: Teaching Grammar; Teaching Comprehension; Pronunciation & Vocabulary; Teaching Techniques for Expressing Ideas; Teaching Idioms; Teaching Writing; How To Find & Teach Your Own Students; Classroom Preparation & Teaching Tips; Business English; Techniques for Teaching Children; Phonetics; Curriculum Development; Student Assessment; Teaching Abroad;

14/09/2015 – 18/09/2015 Controlling Sensors Efficiently with MCUs Course, Design News Continuing Education Centre (CEC), (

Course Modules covered: Sensors in the IoT (Internet of Things); MCUs (Micro Controller Units) as Sensor Controllers; Example MCU-based Sensor Designs; More Example Designs; Future Trends;

16/09/2015 – 08/12/2015 DelftX: ET3034x Solar Energy Course, TU Delft University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Introduction to Solar Energy; Working Principle of a Semiconductor Based Solar Cell; Solar Cell Operation, Performance and Design Rules; PV Technology Based on Crystalline Silicon; Thin-Film PV Technologies; Third Generation PV and Other Ways to Utilize Solar Energy; PV Systems - Components and Concepts; PV Systems - Applications and Design;

26/09/2015 – 07/11/2015 EPFLx: BrainX Cellular Mechanisms of Brain Function Course, ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FÉDÉRALE DE LAUSANNE (EPFL), Polytechnic University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Structure and function of the fundamental building blocks of the mammalian brain, its synapses and neurons; Neuronal networks, with specific emphasis on the interactions of excitatory glutamatergic and inhibitory GABAergic neurons; Neuronal network function in the context of sensory processing ultimately leading to behavioral decisions and motor output;

28/09/2015 – 05/10/2015 PIPE02x: Introduction to Running Pipe in Oil and Gas Wells Course, Tenaris University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Services Overview; Why Pipe Matters; OCTG Products Introduction; Pre-Running Operations; Running Accessories; Running Equipment; Alignment; Use of Thread Compound; Make-Up Analysis; Make-up Example; Assembly sequence;

30/09/2015 – 19/10/2015 ANA101x: Human Anatomy Course, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Body systems and important organs; Anatomical orientation and skeletal system; The muscular system; The nervous system and special senses; Cardiovascular and pulmonary system; Strokes;

12/10/2015 – 06/12/2015 PurdueX: nano521x Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics, Part B: Quantum Transport Course, Purdue University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Time-Dependent and Time-Independent Schrödinger Wave Equations; Complex Matrices; Basis Functions; Quantum Models; Energy Eigenvalues; Graphene; Non-Equilibrium Green’s Functions (NEGF) Equations; Resonant Tunneling; Fermi's Golden Rule; Elastic and Inelastic Scattering; Lattices; Spin Transport;

25/10/2015 – 01/11/2015 DAT203x: Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials Course, Microsoft Corporation, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Introduction and Data Science Theory; Working with Data; Visualization, and Building and Evaluating Models; Regression, Classification, and Unsupervised Learning; Recommenders and Publishing your Work;

13/02/2016 – 07/03/2016 ChalmersX: ChM003x Sensing Planet Earth – from Core to Outer Space Course, Chalmers University of Technology, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Introduction to Sensing Planet Earth; Sensors and Statistics; Introduction to Solid Earth; Measurements Techniques - Overview; Volcanoes; Geodetic Techniques; Space Geodetic Techniques; Introduction to Atmosphere; Groundbased Observations; Satellite Measurements; Introduction to Biosphere; Biosphere; Forests; Ground Measurements; Airborne Measurements; Radar Measurements; Spaceborne Measurements;

06/03/2016 – 17/03/2016 BerkeleyX: Policy01x: Solving Public Policy Problems: UC Berkeley's Eightfold Path Course, University of California, Berkeley, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Opening: Thinking In New Ways About Public Problems; The Eightfold Path: What Is It?; Policy Analysis: Its History & Context; Why The Eightfold Path?; Step 1: “Define The Problem”; Step 2: "Assemble Some Evidence"; Step 3: "Construct The Alternatives"; Step 4: "Select the Criteria"; Step 5: "Project the Outcomes"; Step 6: "Confront the Trade-Offs”; Steps 7 & 8: "Decide!" and "Tell Your Story"; Putting It All Together; Special Topics: Implementation, Government Roles, and Leadership;

22/03/2016 – 28/03/2016 HarvardX: PH231x Readings in Global Health Course, Harvard University, through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Measuring the Global Burden of Disease; Globalization, Climate Change, and Human Health; The Perpetual Challenge of Infectious Diseases; Response to the AIDS Pandemic—A Global Health Model; Pandemic Preparedness and Response—Lessons from the H1N1 Influenza of 2009; Designing Tomorrow’s Vaccines; Disease Eradication; Behavioral and Dietary Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases; Global Effects of Smoking, of Quitting, and of Taxing Tobacco; Noncommunicable Diseases; Mental Health and the Global Agenda; Injuries; Global Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health—So Near and Yet So Far; Health Care Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries; Natural Disasters, Armed Conflict, and Public Health; Governance Challenges in Global Health; Global Health Law; Global Supply of Health Professionals;

14/03/2016 – 06/05/2016 ASU: AST111x Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy Course, Arizona State University (ASU), through edX, (

Course Modules covered: Night Sky; Phases Of The Moon; Seasons; Retrograde Motion; Geocentric Model; Orbits; Heliocentric Model; Gravity; Tides; Weightlessness; Light, Matter, and their Interaction; Telescopes; Detectors; Highlights Of The Planets; Moons; Dwarf Planets; Birth Of Solar System; Frostline; Era Of Bombardment; Terrestrial Planet Surfaces and Interiors; Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres; Greenhouse Effect; Coriolis Effect; Jovian Interiors, Atmospheres, and Ring Systems; Comets; Asteroids; Collisions; Exoplanets; Hot Jupiters; Earth’s Twin; SETI; Chemical Rockets; Nuclear Rockets; Light Sails;

08/06/2016 Vision with Precision Webinar Series: Xilinx Embedded Vision Solutions for Machine Vision Applications, IEEE Continuing Education, (

13/06/2016 – 15/06/2016 NFC Online Course with Hands-On Exercises, ST Microelectronics through Udemy, (

Course Modules covered: NFC Basics and Standardization; NFC Portfolio; M24LR Dynamic Tags; M24SR Dynamic Tags; NFC Antenna Design; NFC Transceivers; NFC / RFID Tags;

23/06/2016 Labroots Webinar Series: DNA & RNA Sequencing Sample Prep: Automating Simple to Complex Methods, PACE Continuing Education, (

09/1992 – 07/1999 Merchiston Castle School, UK, Grades obtained: STEP papers: Physics: 1, Maths (Paper II): 2; A-levels: Maths: A, Further Maths: A, Physics: A, Chemistry: A; A/S-level: Electronics: A; GCSEs: 4A*s/6As
Activities: I really enjoyed Athletics at school especially 100m Sprint, Hurdles, Long Jump and High Jump. I also enjoyed Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Table Tennis and Rugby. I also liked Skateboarding and Scratch/Mix DJing on Vinyl Music Record Turntables, CD Turntables and MP3 Turntables.

Teaching Field Physics , Chemistry , PE , AP , ESL , All subjects , Grammar

17/09/2017 – Now Engineer, Scientist, Educational Content Developer, Teacher, Tutor, Edugear Ltd
This role involves Electronic, Electrical and Information Engineering, as well as Scientific Research, Educational Content Development, Teaching and Tutoring for many age groups of students.

16/05/2017 – 16/09/2017 Maths Teacher, MediaKids, Thailand
This role involved teaching maths to middle school and high school students near Bangkok.

07/02/2013 – 17/06/2013 CIE Physics Teacher, Nanhai International Education Center, China
This role involved preparing and conducting CIE Physics lessons for high school students at A/S and Pre-A/S Levels (3 A/S classes and 2 Pre-A/S classes with approximately 25 students in each class).

22/09/2011 – 24/11/2011 ICT and Maths/Physics Teacher, NIIT and Lincoln Community School, Ghana
These roles involved preparing and conducting Human Computer Interface (HCI) and Structured Systems Analysis and Design (SSAD) classes for NIIT, and conducting various Maths and Physics classes for Lincoln Community School.

02/06/2011 – 03/08/2011 Science/English Teacher, LinguaTutor, Berlitz and British Education, China
These roles involved preparing and conducting various different science and English lessons for a wide variety of students and business people.

01/08/2009 – 31/07/2010 CIE Physics/IELTS/Oral English Teacher, Shanghai Guanghua College, China
This role involved preparing and conducting CIE Physics, Oral English and IELTS English lessons for high school students.

02/02/2009 – 30/06/2009 GAC ICT/Science/English Teacher, Suzhou Foreign Language School, China
This role involved preparing and conducting ICT, Science and English lessons for primary, junior and high school students.

17/09/2007 – 18/08/2008 Business English Teacher, Education First and Nova, China and Japan
This role involved preparing and conducting English language lessons for a wide variety of students and business people.

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