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Age 57 Gender Female
Nationality South-Africa Start Date Now
Current Location South-Africa - Port St. Johns Teaching Preference Kindergarten , Elementary
Work Time Full Time
Certifications Bachelors or above

Bachelor of Arts in Administration
~University of Pretoria (1980-82)
Advanced Diploma in Remedial Education
~Southern Oregon University (1983-84)
Bachelor of Fine Arts
~UNISA/University of Southern Africa (1984-86)

Teaching Field All subjects

The growing level of expertise I bring to the table is directly reflected in a teaching style refined over almost three decades by industry experience teaching in the follwing capacities both in the public and private sectors; at Kindergarten, Elementary, Primary and Secondary school levels: Interdisciplinary Studies, Curriculum Development, Course Enrichment Initiatives, Special Education Integration (Class Modeling for Inclusive Learning/Remedial Therapy/ Development Classes for Learning Difficulties), Roles in Management as Acting Principal, Faculty Advisor and Coordinating Extracurricular Activities.

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