Age 48 Gender Male
Nationality Australia Start Date February 2020
Current Location Australia - Brisbane Teaching Preference Senior High , College/Adults
Work Time Full Time
Certifications TESOL Related Cerificate , Bachelors or above

⯐ Bachelor of General Studies (Education & Psychology) – Uni. of Southern Queensland.

⯐ Associate Degree in General Studies (Health & Well-being) - University of Tasmania.

⯐ Professional Diploma of TESOL.

⯐ Certificate IV in TESOL (this is the minimum requirement to teach ESL in Australia).

⯐ Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with language, literacy and numeracy (this is the minimum

requirement to teach vocational education in Australia).

⯐ Diploma of Dementia Care – University of Tasmania.

⯐ Diploma of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) –LCCH England.

Teaching Field ESL

⯐ Understand People ESL & People Skills Training Nov 2017 – Present

⯐ Broadspectrum EFL Teacher & Life Skills Trainer Mar 2014 – Sep 2017

⯐ Serco Australia ESL Educator & Activities Feb 2013 – Oct 2013

⯐ Understand People ESL & People Skills Training Feb 2006 – Jan 2012

I have been predominantly teaching adults and teenagers for over ten years in Australia and overseas in different types of environments that include one on one tutoring, small groups and class sizes of around twenty students.

Additional Information